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Let’s be honest. Reading this book isn’t going to make you a better speaker. After all, you can’t learn how to play football, cook or ride a bike by reading a book about it either. Becoming a good speaker takes practice. This is why this book is big on practical advice and low on theory. The practice bit of it, though, is down to you.

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More and more jobs and assignments call for the ability to present things to others. And as information becomes increasingly easily accessible, there’s a growing demand for presentations to be more than merely transferring information – we want an encounter with a human being. You might be a skilled public speaker who wants to polish up on the details or you might be at the very start of your public speaking career. You might be a manager, an economist, an engineer, a researcher, involved in a group or organisation, a trainer, a project manager, a lawyer, an administrator, a doctor, in sales or marketing, a consultant or a teacher. This Speaker’s Cookbook is written for everyone who wants to learn how to give talks that people want to listen to.

The book is written by:

Erik Mattsson who has worked as a full-time lecturer, moderator and trainer since the mid-1990s. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in political science with mathematics, history, physics and rhetoric under his belt too. Erik has chaired Swedish Red Cross Youth, taught rhetoric at Uppsala University and worked as an actor. He is also the founder and managing director of the company Ordrum AB.

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